Meet Sue

sueThe catalyst for Sue Stults to become an advocate for those needing end-of-life care and their caregivers was when she walked with her father through terminal lung cancer, an incredibly difficult experience that stretched every part of her being. After that journey, her vision for patient care, advocacy, and family support began forming into something greater. Finally, in 2012, Compelled by Compassion, Inc. was born.

However, many years earlier, her skills for advocating and caring for people had begun to develop. A cosmetologist by trade, Sue seemed to find herself speaking hope and reconciliation into her clients’ lives as they frequently poured out to her stories of frustration and struggle while they sat in her chair during routine hair appointments.

Beyond that, during the time she and her husband raised their four children, Sue was constantly involved in coordinating volunteers for events, as well as advocating and supporting a variety of community groups. rough these experiences, she found herself in a position of caring and advocating for those around her.

After her father passed away in 1999, Sue continued to navigate the health care system as she walked through health complications with her mother, both of her husbands’ parents, and many others near and dear to her. Together, they journeyed through the confusion and frustration of the health care system.