Healthcare Decisions


Are You Prepared for Critical Healthcare Decisions?

HealthcareTools-CompelledbyCompassionTake the first steps towards preparing for the unexpected. Have your healthcare decisions already decided upon.

As we move toward another New Year, I am filled with such anticipation of what will unfold. The opportunities are endless and the need is so great.

With the upcoming healthcare program (Obamacare) and one of the largest senior populations on record, assistance in educating and navigating families through the Healthcare System will be essential.

HealthcareNavigation-CompelledbyCompassionThis year I am planning to broaden Compelled by Compassion’s horizon by setting up workshops, seminars and possibly another Care Conference or two outside the Greater Seattle, WA area. With potential to do so in Massachusetts, Arizona, and the sunshine state of Florida, ideas are beginning to flow.

With this in our sights, we will embrace each community and begin to educate and empower families on advocacy learning of VA Benefits, options of Retirement Living, Senior Housing, and End of Life Issues and family communications.

Compelled by Compassion promotes a positive, action oriented approach to making critical health care decisions through the “My Personal Healthcare Notebook”, Family Meetings Facilitation, Workshops and Conferences.

Sue Stults

Sue’s twenty years of experience, dedication, and service in the care of seniors has granted her the expertise and knowledge to help you navigate the road of care for you and your loved one. Sue has firsthand experience from caring for her parents and leading community conferences on caring for the ill and aging.